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Add:11TH Floor A1 Area, 2nd Floor A Area, 1st Floor A Area Building H, Chuangxin yungu Innovative Industrial Zone, Paotai Road 48# , Lisonglang Community, Gongming Street, Guangming New District, Shenzhen City , China, 518106

About Us

China Monicom Industrial Ltd is located in Chinese economic zone—Shenzhen Ctiy which focuses on high quality moulds and products and specializes in mould making from small high precision moulds to big automotive moulds. Our company has rich experience in exportation of moulds with more than 28 years manufacturing experience and always keeps outstanding at the top level in China mould industries. China Monicom has a group of staffs with rich professional technology and excellent management, and owns the capacity of more than 1200 sets of exporting moulds and very good reputation for exporting toolings. China Monicom will provide you professional service from the initial design to the final product manufacture. We are making great efforts to save your cost and time. Besides, we always stand by the customer side very tightly, keep growing up together with customers, endeavor to keep improvement and pursue for perfection so as to offer you excellent service and products.